ffe 2.5.3 ('Sleeps with the Wishes')

+    At last, the codec -> extension mappings are inside ffe.ini.
    No more magic transformations; you now have control.

    They look something like this..


    Codec search string on the left, extension to use on the right. Same
    story for the audio mappings (for when you are outputting audio).

    Anything not covered by a mapping in your preferences will use the
    default extension. Add whatever you need. Sample sets will be copied
    over to your ini when you upgrade to the this version of ffe.

    This change also cleaned up some code, too.

+    Added the new mappings to the import/export facility. Curently they are
    exported/imported with the "main settings".

~    The codec drop-down context menus will now be greyed out when auto-
    codecs is enabled, to prevent you overwriting your carefully pruned
    custom list with the BIG list from inside FFmpeg.

*    Fixed the renaming of presets (which I recently broke).

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