ffe ('Dark Spinach')

+    If you switch from recycle bin to permanent deletion, the one-time
    delete warning is re-enabled.

+    If you hold down the <shift> key while you click the cropping label
    (title), you can set the value for the number of frames to interrogate
    for *this* cropping test.

    If you right-click the label you can set a new value to use as the
    default number of frames to test.

+    ffe will now report all the settings it is using when running an auto-
    crop operation.

~    The default frames value (for auto-crop testing) has been increased to
    100 but this might still not be enough to catch some content's borders.
    A quick visual inspection will tell you roughly where the action starts.

    FFmpeg interrogates the file fairly quickly so it's no problem testing
    hundreds of frames or more.

~    When opening a report (rather than viewing in the console) with report
    saving is disabled in your prefs, ffe will still fallback to using the
    console, but it will now tell you why it did that, in case you didn't
    realise you could change it.

+*    The "copy" option will now be automatically added to the Auto-Codec
    lists. I forgot about this when I created the auto-codecs facility and
    found myself having to type it. Sod that.

+    You can now set the color used for warnings. This isn't used a lot at
    the moment (the file input will flash this colour if you click the label
    to open the file's location and it doesn't exist) but may be used more
    in the future.

    This is normally red (ff0000), but you may have issues with red, so you
    can now enter a standard RGB hex value, e.g..


    Which would give you "money green" warnings.

+    Added the "@params" @token, which is the value of your current extra
    parameters input. This should make it easy for you to turn your ffplay
    button into a preview button (which could show your video with your
    current ffmpeg settings**), if you so desire; amongst possibly other

    ** note, ffplay won't understand all your ffmpeg parameters in preview
      mode, but many it will, making for a useful facility.

*    Fixed the ffplay routine adding errant quotes around your arguments. It
    made no difference until you added quotes of your own and things got a
    little.. uncertain.

+~    Other improvements and additions to notes, documentation and reporting.

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