ffe ('Froggy Bacon')

+    Custom Button notes, if any, can now be piped to the console when you
    click on a custom button.

+   You can put newlines in your preset notes. There is a new multi-line
    notes editing dialog to facilitate this feature.

    Although it should be transparent to you, if you want to roll your own,
    ffe stores newlines as "\n" character sequences in its ini, like so..

        notes=Disable the output!!!\n   And create the "OUT" directory!

    Any spaces and tabs (yes, you can use tabs) you insert will be respected
    as the console uses a monospaced font for output. I'm not expecting
    anyone to put ASCII art in their ffe presets, but still, formatting can
    be useful. Especially for warnings, caveats and gotchas.

    Yes, if you put notes=<something> inside your main preset, it will act
    as a welcome message, which you would see on Every Single Launch. This
    is sooo tempting! Well, I should really, erm, "demonstrate" the feature!

    Also, it would encourage folk to dive into their ffe.ini, always good.

+   You can set the prefix used when spewing out notes, or delete that


    Again, \n = newline/linebreak. But this time it's manual-editing-only.

    Note: the prefix is not used if the notes derive from the main [ffe]
    preset; i.e. a welcome message.

+   When outputting files, ffe will now create the parent directory if it
    doesn't exist. This is a user error!

+   Added a quick fade-out at exit. I would ideally like a TV power-off,
    like the Hudl 2 does. Och well.

~   Updated a few presets to include notes and improved parameters, e.g. the
    FLAC preset now sets compression level to maximum and channels to
    independent encoding. The notes tell you about this.

*   Fixed a bug with the main window not re-activating properly after
    cancelling the FFmpeg Quick task edit dialog.

*   Fixed the Ampersand (&) translation on the custom buttons. They now
    correctly show their keyboard accelerators underlined.

*   Fixed a bug where @tokens in the outputfile setting were being
    translated too early and creating potentially invalid paths.

*   Fixed the errors in the "simple" presets. Ironic, eh.

*    Fixed a bug with the custom buttons grid not re-creating properly if you
    disabled then immediately re-enabled custom buttons. Now the buttons
    will continue to work as before.

*    Fixed a bug where ffe would ask you for an output file name if the
    output directory could not be found during non-output operations, like
    creating image sequences. Now ffe will simply allow FFmpeg to fail to
    the console.

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