Another Beta release of checksum is available.

NOTE: to get version update notifications for beta releases, enable the beta_channel preference.


~   Faster string search routines (now almost twice as fast). This impacts
	hash synchronization, checking files from the list of existing hashes. I
	have tested the new routines against a range of strange foreign
	languages and Unicode characters with 100% success.

*   Fixed sync issue when using absolute paths inside root hashes. This was
	leading to duplicate hash entries.

*   Fixed issue with hash comments not respecting the always_store_unc pref
	(they were using UNC-style paths even when this was disabled - it caused
	no issue, but looked incongruous).

*   Fixed a bug in applying unified extension to multiple legacy hash files.
	This almost never happens, but if you happen to have .md5/.sha1/.blake2
	hash files for a file and applied a unified extension, hashes for second
	and subsequent algorithms were being re-calculated.

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now.

;o) Cor

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