Another Beta release of checksum is available.

NOTE: to get version update notifications for beta releases, enable the beta_channel preference.


+   Added search + verify command to checksum's default installed Explorer
	context commands. It's that handy! (see changes)

	If you want this NOW, either uninstall+reinstall checksum (all your
	settings will remain intact) or else merge the sample registry file
	found here:

++  Directory Exclude Masks. You can now specify one or more directories
	which you would like to exclude from the hash creation process, using
	standard file masks (?,*). The "x" switch, followed by a set of exclude
	masks in braces, enables this functionality. Separate individual masks
    with a comma.

	For example, you want to create a root hash, but not hash any
	directories who's names begin with "Foo", or end with "Bar", or starts
	with "baz" AND ends "qux", do..

		checksum.exe cr1x(foo*,*bar,baz*qux) "D:\MyDir"

*   Fixed long path handling in search+verify function - Of course Explorer
	is sending short paths. Doh!

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now..

;o) Cor

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