Toggle Undo

Or maybe "Twiddle Undo". I realize that I use this, on average, around 2,396 times a day. I figure it might save you time, too; for me it's muscle memory, a part of typing, so here goes..

In my text editor (currently EditPlus), I have a macro which performs one, or rather two functions.

1. Undo the last thing I did (Ctrl+Z, right!)
2. Redo the last thing I undid (that is a word! You may not have a keyboard shortcut for this.)

If not immediately apparent, this moves your cursor/caret to "the last thing I did".

We write code, we debug and examine other parts of the code; any documents; we write more code; usually right where we left off. I use Ctrl+\ as my HotKey for this macro. I'm hitting that all day!

If your text editor/IDE doesn't do stuff like this, switch editors.

for now..

;o) Cor

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