The only part of my development system that really needs improvement, is the blogging part. Everything else is coming along swell!

I'm comfortable using the word "swell".

As well as a whole new pajamas modular plug-in authentication system thingie, corzblog 3 is rapidly approaching beta release stage - I'll get /blogtest/ up to the latest version soon so you can play with the groovy new prefs page). There's a sleek new distro machine (now xhtml compliant, supporting "infinite depth" (by request after request!) as well as a whole bunch of new tools, toys and updates.

In my defense, the text *inside* all the goodies are rather plump and nutritious, so I'll hopefully skim back through the most recent of those soon enough, and put together a proper update for the devblog.

This is just a notice to say "Have a rake!"
switch .org for .ath.cx for the latest of anything.

;o) Cor

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