cbparser (super anti-casino version!)

well well well, it seems the buggers just drop in plain <a href= type links. a small addition to the code of our favourite bbcode parser deals with that. ladies and gents, I present to you.. cbparser 0.5.8 SUPER anti-casino spammer version!

I added another cute feature, too. it's called "spammer preview". what you do is, just before calling the bb2html() function, you set..
$spammer_preview = true;
and you'll get back a "mock" preview, which looks, to the spammer, like all the links will work just fine. but when they actually post.. hahahah!

This is all just in fun. in reality, I think I'm just gonna start deleting casino spam altogether. Great site! Yeah thanks. It's bots! I tell ya! bots! You can program a bot to do almost anything. Ask anyone who's ever spent five minutes on iChat with weeegary. crazy.

okay, bring it on casino boys! bots, whatever.

for now..

;o) Cor

ps.. cbparser direct download here.
pps.. I had to edit in these links BY HAND!smiley for :ken:

ppps.. I added pop-up titles for the smileys, too. it's been bugging me. usual story for editing old blogs (does anyone do this?), you'll get the old structure in your browser; simply re-insert the tag if you want the new features.

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