Windows® Software..

Many people don't "get" my software. They download, they launch and they go "WTF!". They actually use capitals.

But the ones who do get it, really get it..

NOTE: I've been using Linux on my main devices for years now and rarely get the time to update these older Windows apps (ffe gets the odd session). I do still have a few unreleased windows apps. One day.

Yes, they still work. And yes, they are awesome, but bug reports would probably be a waste of our time.

ffe icon ffe (ffmpeg front-end)
The greatest multimedia converter on the planet, tamed..
24/7 drag and drop seamless background audio looper for Windows..
(and simple checksum)
Insanely fast point-and-click recursive hashing..
A disk space monitor that works..
Color Pickin' Chooser Pro logo - four simple, slightly rounded squares sitting two-by-two, so they themselves form a square. The inner squares are gentle pastel variants of common colors, clock-wise from top-left, green, pink, blue, orange Color Pickin' Chooser Pro
A color chooser for the power user!..
MangleeZee logo - a simple 'm' shape, the second arch dropping to a tail, which has an arrow at the end, implying a devilish streak. MangleeZee
A recursive, batch renaming utility with RegEx, handy presets and much more..
A simple viewer for your IP Camera's Web Interface..
Batch Runner
Industrial-strength batch-testing software..
corz clock
A funky analog clock, with alarms, chimes, speech, and more..
ARSE icon A.R.S.E
(aka. Automatic Router Scripting Engine)
Send commands to your network device, automatically..
Windows® Accessories..
I drop handy wee things in here.
Rather groovy image of a clipboard, in gold. 128 pixel size PNG image of KDE Mover-Sizer icon/logo; the famous KDE Krystal icon, the 'K' masked in with a windows flag, set at the perfect angle. Rather groovy image of a big X, in orange-yellow gradient, of course. The word MAX_PATH is emblazoned upon its arms and legs Rather groovy image of a clipboard, in gold. Rather groovy image of a big Z, in orange-yellow gradient.

ßeta Downloads.
You are invited to download and test..

BackUp icon - Two perfect rings, intertwined. BackUp
"Not Another Effin' Back-Up Tool!"
At last! A backup application that works exactly the way I want it to!

Welcome to!

I'm always messing around with the back-end.. See a bug? Wait a minute and try again. Still see a bug? Mail Me!