CorZipper logo.. A large, upper-case 'Z', sporting a fiery deep orange in its lower extreme, working up to a beautiful sunlight yellow at its top. Its diagonal is not straight, but twisted into a slightly scrunched concertina-cum-spiral, suggesting the act of compression. Rather tastefully done, if I do say so myself.

One-Click, Just-Do-It Zip!

Drag things onto CorZipper, or put it in your Explorer context (right-click) menu, and zip stuff. Simple as that.

Advanced Usage:

If you want to password-protect the archive, hold down the <SHIFT> key when you launch CorZipper, you'll get a small dialog where you can add one.

Hit the <Pause/Break> key to cancel any zip operation.

See inside CorZipper.ini for LOTS of options.

Portable Usage:

If you put your CorZipper.ini next to CorZipper.exe, CorZipper will switch to portable mode, so you can install it on Pen-Drives, USB-Sticks, run multiple custom copies with unique or central settings, and so on.

CorZipper ships with its own zip library, but at a push, can also utilize x-zip, a highly popular zip component. Note, for large zips, the CorZipper library is preferred; x-zip uses available RAM to store the entire working zip.




click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows. (64-bit edition) # from # bfef9c9fffb6eacbde21269abf67e4ac * 001bf8192a4f70243ae68c8b3e770afdfc9fb350 *


Making great tools for you is a full-time job. So if you saved some valuable time or frustration using CorZipper, you can help support the development of this and many other fine works by sending a couple of quid (or more!) my way..

Thank you!

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I'm always messing around with the back-end.. See a bug? Wait a minute and try again. Still see a bug? Mail Me!