ffe v2.4.9.4 (V2.5rc4)

+   You can now enter full commands, with paths, in the help buttons, so
    you can use them for help files from other programs, like ffprobe, or
    FFplay. Or any program.

    You can also use @tokens in the command for the help files, e.g..

        @appdir\ffprobe.exe -h

    I've set two of the demo help buttons to ffprobe and FFplay to
    demonstrate this capability.

*   Fixed media reporting from URLs, which I carelessly broke recently.

*   Fixed the edit/add help buttons, which again I recently broke. Too many
    late night sessions, clearly.

*   Fixed a bug where if you cancelled out of the Post-File command dialog
    your post-file command would be set to "". You can still set the command
    to empty if required, but cancelling the dialog won't do it for you.

*   ffe will now correctly set the "seen" flag for help texts if you edit a
    help text button command. Now, if you command has changed, you get the
    changes immediately.

*   Fixed a bug in one of the default custom buttons (it was using the old

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