ffe 2.5.4 ('Eejit Soup')

~    ffe will now remember your audio and video codec selection when you
    toggle between auto- and custom codecs.

*    Fixed extra parameters input adding instead of replacing parameters in
    certain circumstances.

~+    Improved help texts.

~    Minor dialog fixes, button placements, etc..

~    There is now console feedback when you right-click the output label (to
    delete the output file) and it doesn't exist.

*    I think I had avoided this before because there was a minor issue with
    Right-Now-Click actions being sent twice, which would have created
    double entries in the console. This has now been fixed.

*    Fixed a bug where old output paths would return when enabling MATOF in
    the GUI. It was easily sorted (dragging in folders is always best!) but

*    For a while there, when launching with presets, you needed to ensure
    that store_filepaths was enabled in your main prefs or inside the preset
    itself. Sorry. Anyway, that is no longer the case.

    If you have specified a inputfile(s) in your preset, ffe will use it,
    regardless of your current store_filepaths setting. Consequently, you
    can no longer set store_filepaths inside ffe.ini presets as that is
    confusing. If file path exists, it will be used.

    This doesn't affect GUI operation. Preset loading will respect your
    current file paths setting.

*~    MATOF status is now saved to ffe.ini when you toggle the setting from
    the main GUI**. As well as being the more expected behaviour, this also
    prevents it leaping into action in presets where it is enabled in the
    main prefs but unwanted in a preset fired at launch (go(), run(), etc.)
    but hasn't been specifically disabled for that preset. In other words, 
    unless specifically set, MATOF will respect your main settings when 
    loading presets.

    ** Also goes for clicking in the output file input - MATOF is disabled
    and this setting is saved immediately to ffe.ini.

~    Brought back the full version number for the about box.

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