ffe ('Diced Hedgehog')

+   Added "Auto-Crop", which basically uses FFmpeg's "cropdetect"
    functionality to get the likely cropping values for the video and
    inserts them, as if by magic, into the cropping inputs, ready for you to
    encode the video.

    You can get ffe to perform auto-crop by clicking either of the cropping
    labels ("crop w / h" and "crop x / y"). Their ToolTip also lets you know

    In addition, the labels' text changes to a sky blue on mouse-over, a bit
    like a URL does. I like this a lot and might get other controls to do
    it. Right-Now-Click-enabled button labels could turn green on mouse-
    over, perhaps ...

    At any rate, once the crop values have been calculated successfully, ffe
    reports the result to the console, to show you how clever it's been.

+   Added the sky blue mouse-over styles to the input and output labels.

~   Improved the logic and formatting of the Custom and Short Test buttons,
    which will now work exactly as expected under all conditions, adding
    and removing parameters willy-nilly, even fixing up some user errors as
    it goes (spaces missing between commands, if the user deleted them).

*   Fixed a bug where the HotKeys for the FFmpeg responses (y/n) weren't
    being unset after use, so if you tried to use "y" or "n" in your
    settings, perhaps whilst getting the next encode ready, nothing would
    happen, as ffe was still sending these keys to FFmpeg (which were being
    safely ignored). ffe will now release the HotKeys as soon as they are

*   Fixed the docking for the copy output and clear output buttons, so if
    you launched ffe with a wide window and resized it to a small window,
    the buttons would slide right over the top of the search button. Now the
    buttons will stay put.

D   cel.au3
    I've improved CLT() and CRT() (and the wrapper, CBT()). They now return
    the number of replacements made. You can also specify separate
    characters for left and right when using CBT().

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