ffe ('Static Orange Pips')

+   You can now keep notes inside a preset. Add

    notes=<Your Text Here>

    to any preset and on loading that preset, these notes will be spat out
    into the console, and are a good place to put any information you might
    need when working with the preset.

    An example preset is included in the default ffe.ini.

    There is also a new presets context menu item where you can set this for
    the currently selected preset (select one first!)

*   Fixed the short test button not removing its command if you launched ffe
    with a short test command at the start of the parameters input and
    clicked the short text button. Clicking the button with a short test
    command already in the extra arguments will now remove the command, as

*   Fixed a bug where if you had @tokens in your extra parameters, the would
    be added to the MATOF string repeatedly.

    There is still too much complexity in that old code. I'll need to get
    the coding spanner out at some point and rewrite it.

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