ffe 2.5 ('I do requests, Bob')

    It's here!

+   If you right-click the output file label, it deletes the output file.
    You get a warning the first time you attempt this.

+   Added a couple of delete options for this (get to them @ app menu > ffe),
    namely, always delete to recycle bin and always warn on delete.

    NOTE: If you have wildcards in your file output, i.e. for a batch, e.g..

        B:\AVIs\* [libx265][aac].mkv

    .. and you had just created 10 video files, right-clicking the output
    file label will DELETE ALL TEN FILES. In other words, the delete command
    respects the wildcards.

+   Ctrl+click the the input file and output file selector buttons and you
    instead open the directories with; if they (yet) exist; the files
    selected. Otherwise just the folder. If the folder does not exist, the
    corresponding input momentarily flashes red.

    Ctrl+clicking the input file selector button performs precisely the same
    action as clicking the label to the left of the input file.

*   Fixed a bug where if you had parameters in your extra parameter input at
    startup (retained settings) and you clicked a custom button to *remove*
    parameters, you would instead get a second set of the same parameters.

    ffe will now correctly remove the existing parameters, as expected.

~   Cleaned up the console output when editing buttons (shift-click the
    button). It was just one long line of often confusing text. Now you can
    see what's what.

*   Fixed the search box opening top-left when first opened.

~   Moved the copy and clear button over next to the search button, which I
    think makes more sense, and keeps it away from the "do it" button. Looks
    neater, too. And some other minor GUI tweaks.

D   I notice my web host is deleting my new betas, since I switched over to
    compiling with AutoIt beta, in fact. I'll go back to making binaries
    with the release version, for now.

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