I am proud to announce the release of CorzSpaZio

Here's what's changed since the last release..

++  You can now have CorzSpaZio start in a minimized state. This preference
	is available in the tray menu and the new Program Settings tab (below).

+   Added a new "Program" tab to the options. Here you can set such things
	as Start with Windows, Start minimized, System Tray options and such-

++  Added an option to close (Click "X" button/Esc/Alt+F4) to the system
	tray rather than exit. This option is in the new "Program" tab.

+   You can now set the font face, font size and weight used for the drives

+   Enabled ClearType antialiasing method font rendering of drive list text
	(if you have this enabled on your system).

++   Added From "Name" to email options dialog. Previously you would have to
	hack this in your CorzSpaZio.ini, if you wanted to override the default

+   CorzSpaZio can now dump its drive information to a file. This (tab-
	delimited) file is updated on each drive list refresh.

	The preferences for this are in the Program tab of the options.

	You can use a simple name, in which case the file is saved to your data
	directory, or else specify a full path. Network and UNC paths are fine.

	This dump file contains a timestamped list of all the drives specified
	in your preferences, with their capacity, free space, etc..

~   Moved System Tray settings to the new "Program" tab.

~   A few improvements to the system info box (click the throbbing x86/x64
	label in the CorzSpaZio about box to get to this).

*   Fixed a bug where if you set one of the system options from the tray
	menu, the corresponding checkbox wasn't being set in the options GUI.

*   Fixed a bug where if you placed an empty CorzSpaZio.ini next to
	CorzSpaZio, you would crash CorzSpaZio. By the way, you can use the
	"portable" (no quotes) switch to create a proper CorzSpaZio.ini next
	to any CorzSpaZio.exe.

	CorzSpaZio will now automatically perform the "portable" switch if it
	discovers an empty ini next to itself, effectively running in a portable
	state from then on.

~   Minor GUI and typo fix-ups. Also improved the logic, placement and
	layout of some controls.

~   Display of network drives is now disabled by default on new installs.
	If you want this, it's a simple checkbox in the options.

~   Mail feature is now only for registered users (as originally intended).
	Thanks for all the testing, folks!

++  Added Bitlocker Drive support.

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab the latest CorzSpaZio beta from the usual place.

for now..


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