checksum 1.4

I am proud to announce the release of the latest and greatest checksum beta!

Changes since the last release..

~++ The hashing library has been rewritten to correctly handle UNICODE file
	names/paths. Now we can happily hash Russian, Japanese, Greek, anything!
	This works regardless of your current locale.

	The previous "upstream" changes were problematic, so I bit the bullet!

++  Support for LONG PATHS (beyond the Windows MAX_PATH limit). That's
	right! You can now hash files with paths as long as 32,767 characters!

+   Improved error handling in hashing library. Your .hash file will now
	correctly inform you of permission denied and other error states.

~   The convert_names preference (and convert_level) has been removed,
	with full UNICODE file name handling there is no need for it, ever!

~   The log folder will not open automatically if it is already open on your

~   The dialog that pops up if some of the hash files were invalid is now
	editable, so you can copy/paste the information somewhere / open the
	location, etc., if required.

	Note: This dialog respects your dialog_timeout preference, unless you
	click inside the editable area, which halts the timer.

*   A few other minor fixes and optimizations. [previous beta]

*   Fixed an issue on TrueCrypt drives where certain ignored folders being
	set would halt checksum.

~   Improved handling of files where the user's Anti-Virus software has
	denied access to the file (or rather, presented it as a zero byte file)

~   Improved handling of fall-back where checksum was unable to write .hash
	files due to the location path exceeding the Windows PATH length

Available from the usual place. Enjoy!

for now..

;o) Cor

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