by the way (introducing 'Alpha Releases')

It's in the postscripts and subtexts that the real action happens, eh! I had to say..

Which I already knew, and that makes the guilt of keeping it to myself so long so much harder to bear. I'm gonna throw up an Alpha; that's it, I've decided.

I reached CJO point, which for laymen, is "Critical Javascript Overload". I'd done so much, come so far, implemented so many possibilities, and then hit a wall. The force of the impact knocked me into next month, and I still haven't fully recovered a year later.

But it's good now, it's better; for reasons that I'll more likely explain in /blog/, I'm cool with the data, the .org, and I will just throw up an Alpha and let you get on with it. Perhaps you could even help me with it. Only I and a small band of folks would see the significance of the previous sentence.

So from here on in, expect something totally new for the org; "Alpha releases". They may not have documentation, nor witty comments, and might be entirely localized for a laptop I happened to borrow on the road somewhere, but there you are; and the really important bits will be there, and if you have a mind to, you can use them; and at such early stages; perhaps even be a part of their evolution.

But not tonight, I'm winding down.
I symbolically click corz clock's tray icon, and enter the timeless pre-sleep state..

How easy did I just blog? It's the work-flow, you see. And the way-cool spell-checker, and the auto-jumps, and the neat prefs, and...

I PROMISE! You'll get an Aplha. Soon!

for now..


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