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I was about to install the latest Slackware; or rather, prepare for that; when it occurred to me that it's been a couple of years since I tried another distro, so I thought I might Google a bit, see what's kicking around.

I came across a rather cool tool, called the Linux Distribution Chooser. This nifty page asks you a series of simple questions about your knowledge, needs and desires, and after a couple of minutes, will present you with what it considers your "Perfect" Linux distribution.

I took the test. The questions are straightforward enough, and in no time it presented me with my Perfect Linux. The suspense is killing you, right? Well here it is.. My Perfect Linux is.. Slackware  smiley for :lol:

It also recommends I take a peek at Gentoo. Hmm. A distant memory tells me that Gentoo is a distro that you compile from scratch on the target machine, which sounds like it would have oodles of performance benefits, at the expense of the Installation from Hell. But memories can trick you, and the Gentoo installation, I'm told, is a fairly automatic process these days.

I have the Slackware CD's already, not to mention the bundle of Slackware-specific scripts I've been tinkering with for the last few years, so it's unlikely I'll be travelling down the Gentoo road in the immediate future, but perhaps one rainy afternoon I'll give my other "Perfect Linux" a try.

Maybe you should, too, whatever it is.
for now..


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