distro machine 0.8r8 IMPORTANT SECURITY FIX!

Due to the discovery (and fixing) of a potentially serious security hole in the distro machine's verification mechanisms, existing users are urged to upgrade to 0.8rc8 IMMEDIATELY!

Thanks to PCheese for the heads-up. On recieving my first "Security Vulnerability Notice" this morning , I now feel like a "real" software developer!

So maybe those disappearing scores had nothing to do with file-locking, after all. Good news! PLUS now we have the finest file-locking code in the php universe! smiley for :lol:


;o) Cor

ps.. all users who have mailed me regarding the machine have received a copy of 0.8rc8 in their email, and subscribers to my devlog newsfeed will notice a new entry. what else does one do in these situations? it has me thinking about compulsory email validation before download, or something. hmm..

pps.. I'll put a copy of this notice in the distro machine feedback page. consider yourselves informed!

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