wire_v0.7.5 (fc1 - not)

Yup! We're at final candidate stage now. W00H00!

Secretly, for a long time now, I've been thinking about a "hidden game" for the±wire, something that folks might enjoy over a network, but nothing really came to mind. I thought about tic-tac-toe, about battleships and such. They all sound like suck-city to me, well, maybe tic-tac-toe (or rather, naughts and crosses, as we call it) would be okay. In the bath today, it hit me! A zener game! Of course!

Chat has to be about the best method of "connecting" online, I mean really tuning in with people; so what better way to stretch your psychic mettle than with the time-honoured classic test; zener cards!

One hour later, with soapy water still dripping from my mac keyboard, we got it! Zener Extreme! Hell, the±wire will even keep your scores! AAAAALRIGHTEEEE±!

Couple of screenshots..

correct! you are mystic meg!


Strangely, the old "disconnexion at connexion" bug has reappeared. This is weird; almost every part of the protocol has been re-written from scratch. I'll scratch my head a bit, and think metaphysics, I think.

It goes like this. Right at connexion, it cuts off again, and then reconnects quickly, looks like you're connected okay, but you aren't. If the connector tries again manually, it *really* connects, no problem. And all the while, the person at the waiting end is blissfully unaware of the whole episode, they think the connexion went fine; they might even be chatting away. It only happens very occasionally, but still. hmmm..

I think the final candidate thing is a curse.
Maybe scrub that for now, eh.

;o) Cor

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