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License Entry:

How to get your registration details into color pickin chooser..
(yes, it's a checksum about box, but you get the idea!)

The ONLY way to get your license details into color pickin chooser is via the registration dialog. And aside from a monthly reminder, the ONLY way to get to that is via color pickin chooser's About Box.

You can get to the About Box any time color pickin chooser is running by right-clicking color pickin chooser's System Tray icon. Choose the "About color pickin chooser" item.

In the About Box, click the big color pickin chooser icon and enter your registration details in the dialogs that appear. To force a new registration when one already exists, use Shift+Click. Tap/click/hover your mouse over the image here for a demo.

Once registered, your email address appears in the About Box, giving you the warm fuzzy glow that only fully licensed software can supply. If you want to change that text to something else, click the text.

If you have any problems with any aspect of your registration, get in touch! I will quickly sort it out.

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