Because a custom icon says a thousand words!

SYSTEMiZeR is a small, free, Windows accessory which does no more than switch on certain file and folder attributes, enabling you to see custom folder icons, background images, colours, and other Explorer customizations.

What makes it especially useful, is its ability to apply these changes recursively, throughout an entire directory tree, basically transforming folders from this..

A regular windows folder. For most file types, this if perfectly fine.

To this..

A regular windows folder PLUS customizations. For many file types, this will save you time and effort. Also, it looks cool.

This is what it does exactly.. Usually, SYSTEMiZeR lives in your Explorer context menu, so you can easily get to it.

A cute Clipbard icon designed specifically for Clipboard As Name. It took a lot longer to make than the program.

Another of AutoHotKey's tragically poor icons

Have fun!


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