Recipes for Healthy Living..

Eating healthy definitely doesn't mean eating boring!

I always loved to cook, and even as a young teenager, prepared many of our family meals. Yup! Long before I had any idea about what I wanted to do with my life I, taking that well-trodden path of following in one's father's footsteps, trained to be a chef. I was pretty good at it, too. Truth is, most of the stuff they taught, my mother already had. Thanks Mum!

Living in what many readers would consider poverty (and still do!), experiencing multiple health crisis and coming across the life-changing book "Raw Food" in my mid-twenties, I switched to a mainly raw food diet. These recipes and guides are mainly that; tasty, nutritious raw food meals of all sizes, from snacks to banquets!

All ingredients are organic - I won't be specifying that every time. If you don't eat organic, you are commiting slow suicide. Fortunately, many of the ingredients themselves are home-made, and therefore relatively cheap, making up a lot of the financial difference in buying basic organic foodstuffs.

Basic Foodstuffs..
How to make basic stuff used in other recipes.
Food for on-the-go days..

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