Healthy Living..

Your most important thing!

Welcome to my growing "Manual" of how to get and stay healthy.. MY way!

OK, I may techincally be a Doctor, but I'm no M.D.! Don't believe a word I say, do your own research! Having said that, I have devoted a great deal of my adult life to considering healthy living, mainly to combat the other, less-healthy aspects of my life. So it goes.

I have learned and unlearned a great deal. I know that nature is intelligent and spit at processed foods and man-made medicines, even "detox teas"! The body is wise and, left to its own devices, creates perfect health.

Here I hope to help and insire you towards adpting some truly healthy habits. It starts with eating, and ends with not eating. And as time allows, everything in-between!

Food that truly feed, and how to prepare them.
Nature's most miraculous "cure". Not the opposite of eating.

Welcome to!

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