Your awareness is self-evident!

What's this all about, then?

It's a tech-savvy Tai-Chi for the 21st Century! AYE-NO is a tool, an exclamation, a contemplative mandala, a problem-solving device, and much more. Wear it, and it's a way of saying that you've got all that New Age stuff in perspective where it belongs, but that you aren't afraid of self-knowledge. Aware, without being weary. Hip, but not necessarily a hippy.


Some years ago, I was having trouble making a decision. A mentor of mine suggested taking a piece of paper, drawing a line down the centre, writing YES on one side, and NO on the other. It all seemed a bit mystical and geomantic to me, but I was assured that if I could lose focus long enough, and allow myself to drift into the paper some, the answer would present itself.

I thought about it a long time before I actually did it, figuring out how such a technique might actually work. Perhaps it's like the Tarot, I wondered, or the I Ching; where a certain level of detachment brings into play certain subconscious and supersonscious factors. At any rate, I did it, and found it useful.

'AYE-NO', a mandala. by Cor - get the shirt! I found myself drawn to this piece of paper more recently, pondering the polarity at work in all things, considering less polar dilemmas at the time, where the answer was not so much Yes or No, as Left or Right, paths that one might follow, courses of action. Each problem seems to contain its own solution, I mused..

And then it struck me that this is like the Tai Chi (aka "Yin-Yang"), where each polarity contains the germ of its opposite. Hmmm.. I completed an ink sketch, and put it to the test.

When the solution came, I exclaimed "I KNOW!", realized what I'd done, and laughing, it hit me for real, AYE-NO was born.

On your body..

'AYE-NO', a mandala. by Cor - get the shirt! While it's useful on a wall, or in your wallet, AYE-NO really comes into its own when worn on your body, especially if you are out on the tiles - if you get too drunk for questions, simply point to the answer!

As well as a bold exclamation of self-awareness, it's the perfect shirt for going out on the town!

Get the shirt!
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'AYE-NO', a mandala. by Cor - get the shirt!

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