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7-Zip file of the Angry Birds STAR WARS (UK Edition) Colouring Book.

corz winamp-style mp3ext icon
Quickly becoming a must-have extension on my Windows system, MP3Ext enables you to see MP3 bitrate information right there in the explorer icons. Handy! This is my own icon theme for MP3Ext, based on a slightly modified version of furiousfelinefuries' Winamp dock icon. Full details inside.
Because the peecee ui is so poor. Especially for "experimental" (now BitTornado) client users. Contains icons, registry hacks and more. Worth a look, even if you don't use BitTornado.

By Microsoft®. It's real handy, you can delete a whole Windows® install with one command!

This lives in /etc on *nix (inc. OS X) systems, and amazingly, some people don't have it!

A free file compare utility from Microsoft. I recommend you use WinMerge, instead. However, windiff source is also available, so perhaps you can make it better.

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