Hire Me..
Yes, I'm up for grabs!

In the Aberdeen Area...

I can provide a number of services to local clients in and around Aberdeen, Scotland..

Computer Hardware Tech..

I still like to get my hands dirty fixing actual computers and helping their owners with their troubles. I can help you buy new parts or build entire systems - no job too small. If you want world-class tech at local prices, get in touch.

Deep Space..

Imagine your kids saying stuff like "Can I go to bed now, please!". Imagine being so utterly relaxed that you just drift off to sleep in minutes, even seconds, every night. Imagine sleeping under the stars..

Guess what? You don't have to imagine. I can make this a reality for you. Want to know more? Get in touch.


Want to setup a cheap (or FREE) WiFi hotspot? Can't see your Webcam from the web? Wireless printer won't print? Can't get that android device to talk to your PC? Whatever your networking issue, I can help. Just get in touch.

Internet Training..

Whether you want to be a whizz with a web browser, learn how BitTorrent works, master your email, or just make sense of the internet, I'm your man. I can teach you more in an hour than weeks of "classes" or days spent bashing your head against the forums. End the frustration, get in touch.

I'm happy working with anyone from private individuals to large groups and businesses and guarantee a fun-packed learning experience for all.

And the rest..

I've learned that I need to keep my work life varied, and as a result, I can do many things well. Here are some other things people have paid or offered to pay me for..

Cooking/Catering Efficiency Consulting
Fertility/Anti-aging Consulting
Hydroponics/Indoor Gardening Setup
Composting/Vermiculture Setup and Maintenance
Interior Design and Decorating
Motivational Speaking
Event Planning
Diet and Nutritional Advice
Superfood Cultivation and Preparation
And much more...

And if you have something I need, some equipment, service, etc., I have even been known to work for barter. Get in touch.

Farther afield..

If you don't live in or around Aberdeen, Scotland, see here.
Wherever you are, whatever you need, I can probably help.

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Welcome to corz.org!

I'm always messing around with the back-end.. See a bug? Wait a minute and try again. Still see a bug? Mail Me!