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Dot HtAccesser
What is it ?

A PHP script for generating Apache .htaccess files.

Who is if for ?

You, me, or any webmaster that has special needs in a directory

What does it cost ?

Nothing, it's free ( as in air ), released under the GPL, and we're hoping you find it handy.

What do i need ?

A web server with PHP installed.

How do I use it ?

Put it in your website, and point your browser at it.  Fill in the boxes, hit submit, and voila... your own .htaccess file.

Who wrote it ?

Chris Todd

Special thanks goes to J.P van Oyen for his contributions to this project.

Welcome to!

Since switching hosts (I hope you are alright, Ed! Wherever you are …) quite a few things seems to be wonky.

Juggling two energetic boys (of very different ages) on Coronavirus lockdown, I'm unlikely to have them all fixed any time soon. Mail me! to prioritise!