A Side of Thumbs!

There is very little difference between this and the regular embedding example, except we placed the thumbs inside a div on the right-hand side of the page.

Thumber doesn't mind where you place your thumbs. It will spit the thumbs out into whatever container you place it inside. Or create the entire page for you, as required.

All styling is controlled by CSS, so the possibilites are infinite.

Of course, one would normally place content here, so let's do that, with some thumber blurb..

Thumber Features..

Beautiful HTML5 Output:

Just look at it! And if that's not your bag, it's trivial to make Thumber completely different! Everything is standards compliant, so you can go nuts with CSS, creating all sorts of groovy galleries.

Dynamic thumbnail generation and deletion:

If you add an image to the directory, a new thumbnail will be automatically created. If you remove an image from the directory, its thumbnail will be automatically deleted. Simple.

Automatically sized pop-ups:

Image dimensions are recorded (at thumbnail generation time) and the dimension information is then used to size the JavaScript pop-ups. Pretty neat.

Fully Configurable thumbnails:

You can have either low or high quality, jpeg or png (with full alpha transparency support). You can also specify the size and location of stored thumbnails, either locally to the images, or globally (easier), with a single directory covering your entire site (don't worry, Thumber keeps it organised in there!)

Automatic Thumbnail Update:

If you update an image in any way, Thumber will create a new thumbnail for that image (modification time is also stored).

Stand-Alone or Embedded Operation:

Thumber can be easily embedded inside your web pages, or else function in a stand-alone state. Or both, all-at-once.

Cool "Exhibit" mode

Perfect for more pretentious artful galleries, exhibit mode leaves room for accompanying text/html files to be inserted under the images with AJAX. Example here.

It's Easy!

Check out the examples, here. Oh wait a minute, you are LOOKING AT one of the examples! Cool, huh!

Make Big Fun Now!

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Style away to your heart's content!

Thumbnails by Thumber.. A dynamic GD thumbnail image gallery generator.. from corz.org
note: if your pop-up doesn't automatically resize to fit the image, check your web
browser's javascript security settings, possibly you have that disabled.

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