corz wee script pack for Mac OS X

Things to do in a terminal session.

At first, had no scripts on my mac, then I had loads
Now I seem to have just the right amount.

I got tired of typing the same things over and over, especially long path statements.
This is a small selection of my favourites. More to come soon, for sure.
The others are way too silly and/or inelegant for distribution.

This is what you get for now..

an image of the
		corzweescriptpack OS X package
Apache commands (should work for any version of apache)
ra Restart Apache. Self-Explanatory.
rg Start Apache. (Go!!!)
rt Test Apache. (test)
rh Stop Apache. (halt!)
tv Test Virtual Hosts
Miscellaneous commands
slow Slow down an application. - uses less CPUs
(handy for background apps, see note below about Process Wizard)
speeder Speed up a mac application.
Uses more CPUs, handy for movies, and rendering!
(This is a handy function, but I recommend installing Process Wizard for greater control)
killer Kill an application, even a background one.
uninstaller Uninstall those stubborn Mac OSX packages!
finder Find files, no matter how lost they are!
ii a wee spiel of useful information about your environment
cup restart that pesky CUPS daemon!
essential for setting up network printers!
xd restart the xinetd superserver
you either use this or you dont!
I also threw in
c which clears your screen (but CTRL-L is still better)
lc changes filenames to lowercase (lc * would do every file in a dir)
swap a super-handy utility which does no more than swap two filenames about. think about it.
setfile which is part of the apple mac os x developer tool kit, free, and very useful. This is in case you don't have it.
automatic Mac OS X install package of the corzweescriptpack package.
		click here to download.
click here to download the installer package
There is no uninstaller, just delete the ones you don't use, or use the "uninstaller" script!

Note: you can get more updated Apache control commands here



Welcome to the comments facility!

corz - 26.05.04 10:07 pm

(belly laugh)

I just noticed that my apache control commands, and therefore the ones in this archive are from my linux box! they work fine for most OS X setups too, but somewhere, somewhere very deep in a filesystem probably, is the proper OS X set with I'll-check-everywhere-for-an-apache-install type fun inside.

there is no cause for alarm.
I'll keep you posted.


corz - 24.10.04 7:11 am

I located the mac version of "ra".
coming soon


tony - 16.11.04 12:22 am

the uninstaller is wicked!

Jami - 29.01.06 5:26 am

I cant find were it instaled! HELP!

corz - 29.01.06 5:42 am

Try /usr/local/bin


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