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/usr/local could almost be considered our "system home folder" and it's where we keep our own applications, scripts, man pages, whatever we like. It's structure roughly follows that of its parent, with all the usual /bin, /man, and so on. Most of the juicy stuff will go in /bin, and we'd better ensure that /usr/local/bin is in our PATH, too.

Generally, when you get these scripts home, as well as the usual..

chmod +x /path/to/script

..you will probably want to remove the .sh part of the filename,
which I add here so the web server knows how to deliver it to your browser, no more.

Check out the newly uploaded corz-* web site scripts, a set of domain-agnostic scripts for backup, sftp web site mirrors, error notification emails, and much more. If you have anything to do with web sites, you may find them, or parts of them useful.

NOTE: Normally you would create a wrapper for these script, for example..

	echo "running grabcomments for mydomain.net.."
	/usr/local/bin/corz-grabcomments mydomain.net
Name that script something short, like "gc" (for example - first ensure there isn't already a program called "gc" on your system!) and then drop it into your PATH.

;o) Cor