Oh Macness!

is it a word? is it a phrase?
Well, that's up to you, I guess..

a philosophical googlism
tut tut! what will he do next..
I was interested.

I remember using the word long ago, on the newsgroups, I'd forgotten all about it. So, one day I did a quick search for "macness". The result made me laugh, then got me asking questions about what it really means. What owning a Mac really means, to me. Quite a lot, it seems.

The Mac OS used to suck. Okay, it was still better than anything else out there, but that inherent "customisability" meant that more often than not, one of your "wee customisations" would dislike another, and the mac just crashed. And it crashed and it crashed, and data was lost! and endless trials and ordering extensions was needed to get everything back on speaking terms.

Yet all through this madness I defended the Mac OS (usually to Windoze zealots), almost to the point of fanatasicm, why? because for all its flaws, it has always been a better way of working. Simple as that. It wasn't perfect, but unlike any other major operating system at the time (with perhaps the exception of Be and next (put the capitals wherever you like)) it was at least heading in the right direction, putting the user experience first, innovating..

Much has changed. Mac OS X arrived. The crashing stopped. I remember seeing a sig on a newslist which summed up my thoughts fairly well...
Unix for stability
Macs for productivity
Windoze for solitaire
Mac OS X is built on Unix. Think about this for a second.
Mac OS X = Unix + Aqua
The underlying Unix is a variant of FreeBSD called Darwin, which was, incedentally, the name of my Papa.
(see the bottom of the page for more details on the Darwin Project)

It's the real McCoy too, with all the tools you'd expect, Apache, gcc, sendmail, the works, and on top of that, Aqua, which somehow manages to do what unix geeks have been dreaming about (and sure, working towards too) since 19oatcake.

So now we mac users have it all, the stability, the productivity, the most beautiful, stylish and productive interface, and in a cool transclucent blue case too! All you Billy-goats can eat my dust!

No, I'm not mad, I'm not even even, I own!

See ya!

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