BT voyager 205 router

Advanced Viking Voyager Hacking..

Where we get inside the gubbins of the viking based routers; BT Voyager 205, of course, CastleNet AR502, Dynalink RTA100, RTA500-D51, GlobespanVirata, Netgear DM602, Solwise SAR100 & SAR130 and probably others, and discuss such topics as firmware hacking, telnet scripting, router application building (and testing) without all the noise of folk asking how to get Command And Conquer (whatever that is) to work.

Feel free to help out, offer scripts, applications, beta testing, debate, disagree, suggest, whatever, in the comments section, below.

I might put more text here, but really we just needed the breathing space away from the regular comments to cover the more "advanced" topics..

Secret Page Selectors..

Telnet may be a superior tool for configuring your router, but your web browser is certainly a much cooler way to view the results. Don't forget to bookmark your favourites!

Secret Admin Page Selector!

Skip the tedious interfacing, and open all the "advanced" pages directly, including quite a few you can't get via the regular BT pages!

(opens in a cool windoid, or possibly a new tab)

special pages..

get the source!   open this tool in its own window

Secret PopOut Page Selector!

More of the same fun, but this time, for the PopOut pages.

(opens in a cool windoid, or possibly a new tab)

get the source!   open this tool in its own window

Before you ask a question..

This is not the place to ask how to get eMule working, or your xbox, or whatever, try the main page for that stuff, which is a lot better than having your comment deleted, or worse.. ignored!

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cor - 03.05.06 8:50 pm

an image

ARSE v1.7.1



RichE - 07.05.06 8:47 pm

here's some useful code from an app i'm writing to store sql commands, it auto populates a combo box and also allows you to add new statements and auto updates the combo box list.

just thought that this may help in a future version of a GUI arse

l8r'ssmiley for ;)

cor - 07.05.06 10:33 pm

Hey thanks RichE!

But, did you spot this? /me runs to fix image location in last post (oops!)

combo box. hmm. haven't played with those yet. But if santa ever comes through with his promise of many varied routers, I'll probably use one of those babies for the "router command" tab that sleeps in the back of my mind. Currently I'm messing with dynamic tray menu items for the drag+drop script adding. Grab the latest, upped this very evening.

Though my avoidance of all things sql is well documented, I shall now peruse your code for bits to steal. Feel free to do the same with ARSE, now 1.7.5 and luvvin it luvvin it! smiley for :D



Leandro - 12.05.06 9:22 am

>Bicéphale - 15.12.05 11:01 pm
>Hi again,
>Bi> ...i don't see how the MoDem/Router
>Bi> PassWord can be read-back anyway.
>I'm having 2nd thoughts, perhaps one can read-back
>the device's PassWord using the brute-force LoadFi
>tool but it requires knowledge of the file system,
>etc. Having two PassWord entries would let an ISP
>manage the device, possibly without noticing a 2nd
>entry as long as they won't look for one, that is.
>You're aware the 1st page reveals the mode, right?

Sorry i took sooo long to answer , anyway the console shell is also password protects so how can read beack the password using the brute-force loadfi tool ?
What first page are you talking about ?


Paloma - 13.05.06 8:10 pm

I have a ADSL modem named Tenda TED8620R with chinese interface. I can't
understand anything and I think something will bettr if I upgrade FW to ENglish Version.
I've tried with here. After that, my modem cannot work normally, but still shine the link-led., still have ADSL signal but cannot register with ISP.
Now all I need is CHinese FW of this modem. I don't have enought $ for new.
CAn anyone come with help?

Jase - 14.05.06 1:07 pm

REsmiley for :D-Link 302G Gen II

Charbless: no idea if it does or doest.... how and where do i tell? email is .....

cor - 15.05.06 10:23 am

Paloma, you might want to try the rta firmware, check out the public archives, file called "".


mub - 29.05.06 7:17 pm


I just had a thought about an easy way of removing those rules the 205 automatically adds when it boots.

Can the delete command be used in a config file? If it can I'm guessing the router would boot up with those rules in place but when it loads the config the delete commands would remove them.

Is that do able?

mub - smiley for :)

EDIT: I'm not keen on testing this out myself uncase it renders the router useless and I'm assuming you've tried this at some point anyway.

Bicéphale - 31.05.06 5:20 am

Hi Leandro,

Le> ...i wonder if there's any way to reset the
Le> password or something...
Bi> ...i don't see how the MoDem/Router PassWord
Bi> can be read-back...  ...perhaps one can read-
Bi> back the device's PassWord using the brute-
Bi> force LoadFi tool...

I forgot what your context was when i made mention
of the 1st page but mine displays the mode - which
was set to "Routing And Bridging" in this example.

As for LoadFi, a picture is worth a thousand words
says the adage so i suggest you pay a visit to the
"public archives"...  Enter the "emergency" folder
then the "emergency direct flash_files" directory,
you'll find that the 8th picture talks for itself.

If by chance your DSL device, whatever it is, does
happen to be close enough to the Huawei product to
be compatible with what is called the LoadFi FLASH
maintenance tool, euh...  it may be safe to assume
that you're able to capture the whole data content
from it.  I think it's likely to be Linux-like and
if that's true then a knowledgeable cracker should
find a way to reset the password (if not read it).

smiley for :cool:

Bicéphale - 23.09.07 11:18 am

Hi there, it's a pleasure to see this site back on line!

smiley for :D

cor - 23.09.07 2:52 pm

Aha! Good to see you, dude!

About the site, Agreed!

I'm gonna leave this routers area now. I haven't even looked at a voyager router for over a year, after moving; very happily; to an IPCop-based firewall solution. I got a free laptop with a broken screen - no problem, no screen required - and never looked back.

I made a special shelf for it under my workbench, and it just sits there unattended for months at a time, doing its thing. Very impressive; and because it's Linux, it's 100% free and customizable. Some new protocol evolves, no problem. Need to add a wireless network, no problem. Etc.

Once we can take consumer devices like these routers, and throw on the operating system of our choice, then we'll have something to really talk about. Until then, I'll keep this place hanging around, in the hope that we can at least give these hunks of non-bio-degradable materials some kind of after-life.

I also have some other voyager firmwares that have arrived in the mail over the last year, but most of the sources are unconfirmed, and there's duplication, and much sorting to do before they see the light of day. Needless to say, this isn't at the top of my "to do" list [now done - see above -ed].

By the way, the "voyager suck" (mock voyager interface) is back up, and seems to be working away, though I haven't tested it much; and I've done a fair bit of mod_rewriting and such on-site since getting it working, but fingers crossed…

Anyways, back to work again, though at a definite "Sunday pace".
I have some forum admins to bug.

for now..


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