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13-Sep-15 12:49 PM
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A few people asked about the cursors seen in some of the onsite screencaps. Well, here they are!

This is my own current Windows Desktop Cursor Set. I call it "Big Green Cursor" and it is designed for high resolution desktops (at least 1080p, but more likely 1440p+).

The full set looks like this..

preview of Arrow.png  preview of Alt.png  preview of Busy.gif  preview of WorkingInBackground.gif  preview of Help.png  preview of I-Beam.png  preview of Pen.png  preview of Precision.gif  preview of Select.png  preview of SizeAll.png  preview of Size-NESW.png  preview of Size-NS.png  preview of Size-NWSE.png  preview of Size-WE.png  preview of Unavailable.gif

The cursor set comes with an installer and more information. Help Yourself!

;o) Cor