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Miscelleneous scripts for your en-joyment.

firefox search plugins/:

Some things you may or may not want to plug into your Firefox Searchplugins menu.

whois-0.7c-fx [hacked to work with + FF3].xpi:

This is a hacked version of a rather good (read: simple) Whois lookup context menu Add-on (extension/plugin) for Firefox. It had stopped working with later versions of Firefox, and then just stopped working (the original creator's site also housed the whois lookup). All better now.

Install this, and if you right click an address on any page (dotted decimal IP address or domain name) you can go directly to a Whois lookup of that address. It works inside textareas, everywhere, and I find it especially useful for tracing site abusers who's address didn't respond to php's usual back-end lookup methods.

I've hacked it slightly..

The original is here:

Help Yourself!

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