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/etc/rc.d is where the service control scripts live. all the stuff that gets started when you boot your system, gets started from here. different services are active at different "runlevels", and all that is controlled form here, too. By the way, the master control script for all this is /etc/inittab

Slackware's bsd-like "init" setup is very simple, or rather, very manual. I like it this way, but I've also enhanced the functionality with a simple script called "service", which you can find in /usr/local/bin

With "service" in place, you can restart services from the command line (or a script) by doing..

service samba restart

..for example. Any script which is excecutable (so long as it has appropriate entries in the rc.S or rc.M scripts) will be run at bootup, and anything which isn't excecutable won't. So to disable a service, simply disable it's excecutable bit..

chmod -x /etc/rc.d/rc.samba

I've thrown in a few of my coloured versions of the standard slackware rc scripts, which are more fun than the plain versions, and I find colours very useful in determining the *type* of message. Errors are in red, for instance, so you can immediately see if something's not right.

Have Fun Slackers!

;o) Cor