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Linux stuff.

It's official: Linux is ready for the desktop! So what are you waiting for?

Slackware Scripts..

This area is intended to be useful to those starting out with Slackware Linux, although many of the scripts themselves will be useful for any *nix system. check out /usr/local/bin

Many say that Slack is "the most UNIX-Like of the Linux", but to me it just felt right. Everything lives where it should be, and the configuration is pretty much all plain text files, with none of that fancy configuration script nonesense that is common with so many Linux.

Here you can check out loads of real Slackware scripts (from my wee Toshiba Laptop, in fact), arranged by their real  location, the goal being to create the kind of collection of working examples I wish *I'd* had access to when I was starting with Slackware!

I'll be adding stuff slowly, over time. Check back again soon!

;o) Cor