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Viking Router Ready-Made Configuration Files:

Now deprecated. See ARSE, instead.

Note: These new configs are tested and working 100%
on v1.6 AND  v1.8 of the BT Voyager firmware.

default + whatever

For Viking I chipset based broadband routers


Decompress one of these archives (WinRAR is good) and upload the contained "commitedcfg.cfg" file to the "home" folder of your Viking based router via FTP.

You can also use the web interface for this. The page is here..

If the configuration file is accepted, the router, will reboot immediately. It may even look like the upload failed, it didn't - your page/ftp session has hung - the unit is rebooting, just kill that. When it comes back up, the new settings will be applied.

The router is now stealthed, with all the cool tweaks found on this page..


already applied. All configurations share the same base settings. as well as full stealth, I've setup a UK timeserver (ntp0.strath.ac.uk), an IRC ALG (Application Layer Gateway) for port 7000 (which is getting common) and a DHCP pool is also pre-configured, addresses from - will be available on your LAN, for guests, or whatever. Static IP's are recommended for your regular machines. I've also inserted a couple of reliable backup DNS servers, and some minor time-out tweaks.

p2p apps / games / servers are setup to use a machine at IP (because I keep my "example" machine at, so ensure that your machine is at this address, or else alter the cfg file to suit your particular needs.

tips: remember, even with these tweaks, you only have a maximum of 511/512 simultaneous connexions, so configure your servers and p2p applications to use no more than this number between them. Also ensure your total upload speed (that's means ALL the machines on your netork, and ALL thier applications) doesn't go over 25kb/s, which will kill everything!

If you have any problems with this cfg file, please do let me know!

;o) Cor

ps.. Thanks to Chris for his persistant reminders and help with the v1.8 updates, appreciated.