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Copy, Move, Rename and Delete files and folders with Very Long Paths.

Got a "Path Too Long" error in Windows? Try this free utility for moving, copying, renaming and deleting files and folders with Very Long Paths.


Because the alternative (Long Path Tool) is shit payware by a shitty company that employs idiots to spam the entire internet about their crappy product.

What does it do?

Simply put, Long Path Fixer is a program enables you to "get at" files and folders that Windows Explorer refuses to reach, that is, anything with a path longer than the Windows API can handle (MAX_PATH: 259 actual characters).

With Long Path Fixer, you can effortlessly manipulate files and folders with paths of up to 32,767 characters in length. No destination is "Too Long"!

How does it work?

Image of Long Path Fixer showing the contents of my C DriveLong Path Fixer presents you with a simple list of files and folders in the current directory (including "hidden" files and folders). You can drag and drop files or folders onto it and it will navigate directly to path of whatever you dropped.

From there, you simply click on the file or folder you want to move, copy, delete, and hit the appropriate button; Move, Copy or Delete. All these options are also available from the context (right-click) menu, as well as rename (I may add a button for that!), delete to recycle bin, copy the path and so on.

Image of Long Path Fixer context menu showing open and unlock optionsJust like Explorer windows, F5 refreshes the list.

The top item "●●" enables you to go UP, as if you hadn't guessed!

There is a drop-down menu at the top with all your available drives listed, so you can start navigating from there, use your up/down arrow keys to switch drives and so on. Having said that, it's usually easier to drag-and-drop items directly from Explorer.

Note: if you drag a shortcut, Long Path Fixer will automatically resolve the shortcut to its real location. If you would prefer to have it open at the actual .lnk file's directory, hold drown the <Ctrl> key whilst dropping the item onto the main window.

You can also have Long Path Fixer in your explorer directory context menu, and an option to enable this is available from Long Path Fixer's System Tray menu (see image below). This way you can right-click folders in Explorer and send them straight to Long Path Fixer, which will launch with your selected folder in view.

Alternatively, you can keep a shortcut in your SendTo menu, and send items from there. Or even drag and drop items directly onto Long Path Fixer, or a shortcut to it. If you send files, Long Path Fixer will open at the parent folder.

If you launch Long Path Fixer with no path on the command line (by clicking it directly), Long Path Fixer will remember your previous folder and start there, same goes for whatever destination folder you last chose to copy/move an item to - that's where the dialog will open next time around. Anything to save a few precious seconds!

On the subject of time-saving, if Long Path Fixer if buried beneath some windows on your desktop, hovering over its tray menu will jump it immediately to the front. There is also an option to stay on top, if you prefer.

What if an item is locked?

Long Path Fixer has a context (right-click) menu in its file list. If you select an item and right-click the list, you have the option to open the item using the default shell (Explorer) action (this is also what happens if you double-click a file), as well options as move, copy, rename and delete the selected item.

You can also copy the full path in short or long format to your Windows clipboard (paths longer than 259 characters will be automatically prefixed with the standard UNC-style prefix "\\?\", for compatibility).

There is also an "unlock" option..

Long Path Fixer uses the excellent (and free) LockHunter to do its unlocking, silently launching LockHunter in the background to unlock the file. I have nothing to do with LockHunter. I just think it's great software that everyone should have installed on their system! If you don't have LockHunter installed, then you should definitely go here..

Get LockHunter..

Grab the FREE and highly useful LockHunter - works in all modern versions of Windows

It STILL won't delete?

When dealing with hard-to-shift files of any description, it's best to run Long Path Fixer as an Administrator. If something won't delete, do that!

Portable operation..

Like all my Windows apps, if there is a copy of of the preference file (Long Path Fixer.ini) sitting right next to the program (Long Path Fixer.exe), it will automatically switch to portable mode, so you can happily put Long Path Fixer in a Pen-Drive, DVD, Blu-Ray, or wherever you like.

Normally, your Long Path Fixer.ini is stored in your user folder (C:\Users\<Your-name>\corz\Long Path Fixer). By the way, if you ever need to manually edit your preferences (unlikely), there is an option to do exactly that in Long Path Fixer's System Tray menu..


If you want to checks out the changes, fixes and what-not, go here.

Image of Long Path Fixer System Tray Menu, showing edit prefs option about to be selected

Long Path Fixer Download
100% FREE. Available in 32 and 64 bit flavours..


Long Path Fixer for Windows

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows (64-bit edition). # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#Long Path Fixer for Windows.zip#2014.07.24@02.09:20 1241bea8f2fa13a15902bf2b35140c12 *Long Path Fixer for Windows.zip #sha1#Long Path Fixer for Windows.zip#2014.07.24@02.09:20 32d9c6f4d942cb6805dc12ba301790bb90688004 *Long Path Fixer for Windows.zip

Long Path Fixer for Windows x64

click to see zip archive contents

LIVE MD5+SHA1 Multi-Hashes..
# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows (64-bit edition). # from corz.org.. http://corz.org/windows/software/checksum/ # #md5#Long Path Fixer for Windows x64.zip#2014.07.24@02.09:23 a21df2b58f8bd505f58dd875a3770dc5 *Long Path Fixer for Windows x64.zip
SoftFiles award image telling you that Long Path Fixer got 5/5 stars, don't they all! Long Path Fixer's Soft Go award.. 5/5 Long Path Fixer's soft32download award.. 5/5 Long Path Fixer's nonags award.. Softpedia award image telling you that this download is guaranteed to be free of virii, trojans and all that jazz bluechillies 5 star award Long Path Fixer's TopShareware award.. 5/5 Shareup Networks Long Path Fixer at TopShareware - 5 stars

Have fun!


p.s. Long Path Fixer is 100% FREE.

Making great tools for you is a full-time job. So if you saved some valuable time or frustration using Long Path Fixer, you can help support the development of this and many other fine works by sending a couple of quid (or more!) my way..

Thank you!

And a big thank you to orbs, for his work on the LFN UDF, Keep it up, man!

If you are looking for a data verfication app that can handle long paths, check out checksum..

checksum logo - yes, your data is 100% OK

Welcome to the comments facility!

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Sylvain - 06.03.16 5:53 am

Good day.

Love your "Why" lol, it's true, the makers of Long Path Tool are spamming the tool everywhere! Anyway, so I proceeded testing LPF and it failed (partially) on the first thing I tried:

Grab the script here:
<Link removed - dude! Get that site checked for malware!>

Run it then try to delete C:\DeleteMe with Long Path Fixer, it will fail, most of what's in the DeleteMe folder will be deleted, but the folder remains. Hmmmmm, it worked fine the 2nd time I tried it, and the 3rd, and then it failed the 4th and 5th time I tried, and then started working again - no idea what's going on...

Best Regards,

So long as it works one time, that's fine by me!

;o) Cor

ps. Aye, I only recently added that notice after the makers of long crap tool mailed me about using their product name on this page. The cheeky bastards need to stop adding it, then, eh! When I can go a week without deleting up to a dozen spam posts from those fuckerz, I might consider removing the notice. Maybe.

pps. the most recent a mere 30 minutes after your post! They also work Sundays. Sheesh!

Clint - 15.03.16 12:20 am

This is an excellent solution. I struggled all week to transfer files across bit 32, bit 64, Mac, NTFS and exFAT hard drives and laptops. Nothing within Windows or MAC OS worked at all.

This long file path solution worked like a charm! I set it up, let it run in the background (as others have said, there is no progress bar, so be patient) and when it was done, it closed and ALL my files were where I wanted them. Thanks a bunch for the solution.

Unlike others, I will donate in a moment. You saved me a big headache. Check your PayPal account for my thank you.


Even those who say they will donate right away, generally don't.

But Lo! Many thanks!

You're welcome back any time!

;o) Cor

Hiep Tran - 19.03.16 1:10 pm

Thanks you, unblivable you save my life

kprokopi - 24.03.16 3:46 pm

Thank you! Works perfectly! You "fix" my dat

Paul - 29.03.16 12:19 am

I have a REALLY long path created by a recursive cloud backup situation and even though I run your long path app as an admin, it still says I don't have permission after like 30 minutes of trying to delete it. I've tried all of the other software out there, and none of them can delete this virtually infinite recursive directory nest.

Please, please let me know if there is a solution and this directory is taking up 100gb.

Thank you.

You might try recursively setting the permissions on a parent of the folder before you attempt to delete it, in case you really don't have permission (in which case you would likely need to first "Take Ownership" of the directory). You might need to go up a few directories.

Also, the unlocker tool mentioned up in the main text could help.

;o) Cor

Johnny - 29.03.16 6:14 pm

Hi, thanks 1k for this amazing solution.
Can i suggest you to add a progress bar for see the "work in progress"???
Thank you for your job.

Garret - 30.03.16 1:22 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this tool FOC.

Ssweetlou - 31.03.16 12:53 am

Ran it in win 7 JUST FINE !!!! very impressive
No progress bar ???/

Ran it in XP servpak 3....crashed the PC. Had to reboot, why ?????

marlene cajita - 04.04.16 2:46 am

It was fun doing it. I hope this will work for me.

Sam Bancroft - 16.04.16 9:31 am

Thanks, I had a serious problem with OneDrive (caused by the upgrade from SkyDrive), Think Microsoft could help? Not on your nelly, they just suggested I delete the content locally and remotely (thanks, but no thanks.) Your tool at least allowed me to recover the files and move them to shorter path. When I am working (and if I remember!) I will send a donation your way.
Thanks again, without people like you the Internet would just be a giant sales exercise.

Zed - 27.05.16 8:33 pm


Landed on this gem, and it seems to work great. But as i often work with very large set of files - last one was ~40 GB- this would be great to have a progress bar somewhere.
...Or did i miss it ?

Using 32 bits version to migrate data from XP to W7.

<3 the ability to show hidden folders too !

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