burning HOT disks..

This wee tutorial isn't about how to burn disks, we all know that! No, this is about how to burn hot disks. The kind of disks you'll be proud to share. The kind of disks that get people saying..

"You are the DiskMaster!"

Here was my first attempt, a backup disk..

hot disk with a sexy babe on it

with sub folders, of course..

another hot disk

this time with breasts..

babes with cartoon-sized breasts

I prefer this to a plain background.

And here's another cool thing about these hot disks..

Notice the first one has a file called "verify.sit" at the root level.. well if you select ALL (all the contents of the drive) and use the stuffit concept command on that baby, you can check all your archives at once that's right, verify the whole disk! in a one-er! <applause>

the technique, step by step..

  1. Prepare the disk.

  2. Save the picture.

  3. Pretty up your folders.

  4. Hide the pics!

That's it, now you've got disks to die for!

the "Rip, mix, burn" pic is from Dangergirl, & © 2002 J. Scott Campbell. you can see the original here. I've no idea who made it into a desktop, but they did a great job. Still don't know who did the first pic.

appendix a: custom icons  (son of hot disks..)

No hot disk would be complete without a beautiful custom icon. A picture can speak a thousand words, especially at that point it mounts on the desktop. Anyway, I've had enough questions about this to warrant an add-on, so here it is..

Lots of folks paste transparent images in the Finder and are disappointed when the transparency is lost. Worry not! Creating beautiful semi-transparent custom icons on OS X disks is easy, so long as you have the right tools.

Get IconographerX which understands the complexities of the OS X icon, and more importantly, knows how to export icon families.

I get my results like this..
You should now see a lovely semi-translucent disk icon! If you still see your old icon or just a plain CD icon, eject the disk image and remount it with Diskcopy/Toast/wheteveryouusedtomakeitwith.


Rake about inside the Iconographerx package and open a file called "iconbasics.html" which explains about masks and stuff, this is info you need. Probably you could get it from the built-in help.


You can put more backgrounds on the disk and store them in the root too, or perhaps in the sub-folders they'll be seen in, imagination is the only limit.

Welcome to the comments facility!

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Minerva Pallas Athena - 21.05.05 10:09 am

hey thx this was just the tutorial i was looking for, i need a portfolio in pdf but i tought it would look great to have a nice background on the cd, only i couldn't do it in toast!
now i m gonna try to hide mi picture background

and keep on posting stuff like this !!!!

David - 14.07.05 1:05 am

Greetings from New Zealand!

to begin, many thanx for the Hot disk tutorial, l had been searching for this type of information for a while.
I am hoping that you may be able to explain an aspect of the process in shall we say "idiots" terms as l am no quite getting it right and I am not sure what lm doing wrong?

in step 2: Save the picture. - l am not succeeding in saving the picture on your new volume. You explain clearly but l am not sure how to do it. I find a pic and stick it on my desktop. Then l select it using the view options, it appears in the new partition, looks great, l put in the files/Folders, l want, jazz them up as per instructions, give a nice custom icon, Open Toast, select data tab add the new partition, click burn and all goes fine.

However when l mount the new masterpiece the various fles/Folders are there and look fine, but the custom background is not there, just the sad white default.

l know somehow I am failing to save the custom pic with new volume, but cannot work out how to do it.

If you had the time to show me the error of my ways that would be greatly appreciated!

If l am simply being a bother, my apologies!

kind regards,


cor - 14.07.05 3:57 pm

No bother!

You say I find a pic and stick it on my desktop. Then l select it using the view options, this is the trouble, this is where you miss out an essential step. it should read like this..

I find a pic and stick it on my desktop. Then I move the pic to my newly created volume. Then l select it using the view options

It looks like the problem stems from you not having an actual new volume to put it on. You need to create this new disk before you begin this process. Don't burn it, just create it (a virtual image), and have it mounted on your desktop, and then you can start to throw stuff into if, files, background images, whatever.

If this still doesn't make sense, get straight back here; there's noi such thing as a stupid question.


David - 15.07.05 12:38 am

Greetings from New Zealand again!

thank you for the warm reply!, must admit that despite the web being such a treasure trove of information, Being "newbish' can in some places be sacrilige to the 'pros'. After being flamed once or twice ya get careful.

Any way, ... your directions certainly solved my problem! (damn logical, in hindsight). Now, my next challenge relates to your
Step 4. Hide the pics! indeed the pic is sitting there detracting from the "Hot Disk, look" so l assume that I need to make it invisible. Youve given excellent links to software to do the task so l shall give it a whirl.

So... thanks again, lm finding this whole thing damn exciting because it feels like lm learning some of the nitty gritty techniques that lm sure there are many of but which you you dont find in the "manuals"

U da man!



cor - 22.07.05 6:52 pm

Rest assured David, for every command that's in "the manual" there's another six that aren't.

That excitement you feel is "the thrill of hacking", and of course hackers built the internet as we know it, and a lot more besides. In us us all, some more than others.

Have fun!


ps.. aside from using setfile naming a file beginning with a "." will make it invisible on most operating systems.

Öh??? - 24.09.05 10:17 pm

Whats the name of that chick??????????

cor - 27.09.05 8:28 pm

Man! I wish I knew!
A phone number would be handy, too!


Miguel Reznicek - 19.10.05 3:40 pm

Where did you get the clip art for the girls? I'd like to make an avatar from it.

Thanks amigo,


cor - 19.10.05 6:14 pm

hmm.. the crawlspace link (under the artcile) seems broken right now. hopefully not for good. that's the dangergirl pic, you can google for loads more links to that. The second one can be downloaded from desktopgirls.com, I'm not sure who originated the image.

The pics I used are available in the archive.. http://corz.org/public/images/

have fun!


isa - 05.11.05 3:03 pm

please send me (sexy cartoon's photo)

cor - 06.11.05 3:13 pm

see previous post!

;o) Cor

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