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[DIR] Parent Directory - directory (probably) [   ] win32_router_configger(dm602gui).rar 10-Mar-2013 00:38 29K highly compressed rar archive [   ] voyage_205_home_dir (partial).rar 10-Mar-2013 00:38 70K highly compressed rar archive [   ] viking-firmware+cfg_backup+upg+restore_..> 10-Mar-2013 00:38 424K ZIP compressed archive [   ] viking-chipset-brochure.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 93K Adobe portable document [   ] viking-011-default_config_extractor_ins..> 10-Mar-2013 00:38 11K ZIP compressed archive [DIR] shell scripts/ 24-Dec-2013 00:32 - directory (probably) [DIR] ready-made/ 12-Jan-2014 22:19 - directory (probably) [   ] networking-the-xbox.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 596K Adobe portable document [IMG] netspeedo_screenshot.png 30-Dec-2013 15:43 6.2K portable network graphic (yay!) [   ] netspeedo.rar 10-Mar-2013 00:38 54K highly compressed rar archive [TXT] netspeedo.nfo 10-Mar-2013 00:38 1.5K plain text info [   ] loadfi.rar 10-Mar-2013 00:38 45K highly compressed rar archive [TXT] game_ports_for_router.html 10-Mar-2013 00:38 13K good old hypertext [DIR] firmware/ 24-Dec-2013 00:24 - directory (probably) [IMG] firewall-all_rules.png 30-Dec-2013 15:43 21K portable network graphic (yay!) [DIR] emergency/ 24-Dec-2013 00:30 - directory (probably) [DIR] cool-it/ 24-Dec-2013 00:14 - directory (probably) [DIR] circuit board/ 24-Dec-2013 00:32 - directory (probably) [   ] bare 205 2K-XP USB driver [NOT required..> 10-Mar-2013 00:38 41K ZIP compressed archive [   ] Viking CLI Reference [latest].pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 5.2M Adobe portable document [   ] SAR130extra2.1notes-for_v1.6+_firmware.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 4.1M Adobe portable document [DIR] GUI Suck/ 23-Nov-2013 06:02 - directory (probably) [DIR] GNet BB0060B close-up/ 24-Dec-2013 00:02 - directory (probably) [   ] BT_Voyager_205_Router_full_specs.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 40K Adobe portable document [TXT] BT.Voyager.205_router_commands-orig.txt 23-Nov-2013 06:02 11K plain text [   ] BT.Voyager.205.ref.guide.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 795K Adobe portable document [   ] BT.Voyager.205.cli.pdf 10-Mar-2013 00:38 1.4M Adobe portable document

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The BT Voyager 205 router, a.k.a "Globespan Viking", a cool wee free box.

The original two PDF's; essential documents for anyone interested in doing some serious router hacking; are for the Solwise SAR100 which by happy coincidence is the exact same box under the facia as our beloved Voyager 205. Quite a few are, or close enough, anyway.

"BT.Voyager.205.cli.pdf" is a blow-by-blow list of all the possible commands, while "BT.Voyager.205.ref.guide.pdf" is a more friendly reference containing most of those same commands, but with helpful explanations, etc. There has also been an update, courtest of GLobespanVirata. Grab that.

Many thanks to the original creators of these files which appear here in their original form.

have fun!