OodleCam HotKeys

If you are hacking your own custom HotKey controls the following list, taken from the AutoIt Manual, "SEND" Function, will be useful..

The "Send" command syntax is similar to that of ScriptIt and the Visual Basic "SendKeys" command. Characters are sent as written with the exception of the following characters:

This tells AutoIt to send an ALT keystroke, therefore Send("This is text!a") would send the keys "This is text" and then press "ALT+a".

N.B. Some programs are very choosy about capital letters and ALT keys, i.e. "!A" is different to "!a". The first says ALT+SHIFT+A, the second is ALT+a. If in doubt, use lowercase!

This tells AutoIt to send a SHIFT keystroke, therefore Send("Hell+o") would send the text "HellO". Send("!+a") would send "ALT+SHIFT+a".

This tells AutoIt to send a CONTROL keystroke, therefore Send("^!a") would send "CTRL+ALT+a".

N.B. Some programs are very choosy about capital letters and CTRL keys, i.e. "^A" is different to "^a". The first says CTRL+SHIFT+A, the second is CTRL+a. If in doubt, use lowercase!

The hash now sends a Windows keystroke; therefore, Send("#r") would send Win+r which launches the Run dialog box.

You can set SendCapslockMode to make CAPS LOCK disabled at the start of a Send operation and restored upon completion.
However, if a user is holding down the Shift key when a Send function begins, text may be sent in uppercase.
One workaround is to Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{SHIFTUP}") before the other Send operations.

Certain keyboard as the Czech one send different characters when using the Shift Key or being in CAPS LOCK enabled and sending a char. Due to the send AutoIt implementation the CAPS LOCKed char will be sent as Shifted one so it will not work.

Certain special keys can be sent and should be enclosed in braces:

N.B. Windows does not allow the simulation of the "CTRL-ALT-DEL" combination!

AutoIt HotKeys

Send Command (if zero flag) Resulting Keypress
{!} !
{#} #
{+} +
{^} ^
{{} {
{}} }
{ENTER} ENTER key on the main keyboard
{UP} Up arrow
{DOWN} Down arrow
{LEFT} Left arrow
{RIGHT} Right arrow
{PGUP} PageUp
{PGDN} PageDown
{F1} - {F12} Function keys
{PRINTSCREEN} Print Screen key
{LWIN} Left Windows key
{RWIN} Right Windows key
{NUMLOCK on} NUMLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{CAPSLOCK off} CAPSLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{SCROLLLOCK toggle} SCROLLLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{BREAK} for Ctrl+Break processing
{NUMPAD0} - {NUMPAD9} Numpad digits
{NUMPADMULT} Numpad Multiply
{NUMPADADD} Numpad Add
{NUMPADSUB} Numpad Subtract
{NUMPADDIV} Numpad Divide
{NUMPADDOT} Numpad period
{NUMPADENTER} Enter key on the numpad
{APPSKEY} Windows App key
{LALT} Left ALT key
{RALT} Right ALT key
{LCTRL} Left CTRL key
{RCTRL} Right CTRL key
{LSHIFT} Left Shift key
{RSHIFT} Right Shift key
{SLEEP} Computer SLEEP key