hashDROP - A batch-processing front-end for checksum

What is checksum?

checksum is quite simply the best hash creation/verification software on the planet. Why is it the best? Well... nobody explains it better than cor, the creator of checksum. Visit the official checksum webpage at corz.org for all the information you need to know.

What is hashDROP?

hashDROP is a front-end for checksum which enables you to queue a bunch of jobs (files/folders) and then pass them all through checksum with your own custom switches in one batch process.




hashDROP is portable and makes no use of the Registry. Therefore, there's no installation needed. Simply extract the zip file (download link below) and copy the extracted file (hashdrop.exe) to the same folder where your checksum.exe is located. That's all there is to it.


hashDROP is extremely simple to use. After you open it, select either the “Create” tab for creating hashes, or the “Verify” tab for verifying hashes. Then simply drag-and-drop files/folders on to the GUI to add them to the queue. Next, set up the command-line switches you want to use and hit the “Create” or “Verify” button.


hashDROP_v1.03.zip ( changelog )

MD5: 89dc09f3649154c9e874a7cd8f3f014d
SHA-1: f5ad1095a53d6dc3eb1a20746179c3e5b747a9e3