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Click HERE for the main BT Voyager 205 page.


Firmware upgrades for the BT Voyager 205, and other Viking I based routers..

To upgrade your (voyager) firmware in the web interface, go here..

IMPORTANT: Once you click the "Upload" button, WAIT. It takes a minute. If you want your router to still be operational at the end of the firmware upgrade process, you must resist the temptation to kill or stop the page!

have fun!

;o) Cor

ps. about 3.A45INT2.jetSpeeed520.zip (in Fog Wang's own words..)

It suit for the viking 1 ADSL routers.But the DSL version turn to Y.1.24.18,not T93.X.XX.
I had try it in my ASUS 6000EV A/J.I think it suit for the other viking 1 DSL.
And I think it is the best viking 1 firmware.
hope you will like it.


So there you have it, and I hope you like it, too! ;o)