This document says how to write the teimage.bin into AT's flashrom through LPT.

First of all, please make sure that there is AT45DB081*/  AT45DB161*/AT45DB321* chipset in your modem/router.The flash program is used for them ONLY.

There is a 6-pin interface in modem/router used for connected to the LPT of computer.

the connection of 6-pin interface to chipset
1---AT45DB161*  13

2---AT45DB161*  14

3---NOT connected to AT45DB161* (But connected to 4th-pin of LPT with invariable 3.3v voltage)

4---AT45DB161*  11

5---AT45DB161*  12

6---AT45DB161*   7

The connection of LPT to the 6-pin interface(make a connection cable  following method)

LPT         6-pin interface

4   --------   3

5   --------   1

6   --------   5

7   --------   4

11  --------   2(WITH 100¦¸ Resistance 0.25w)

18  --------   6
Make a cable in above method.

PUT the teimage.bin into the same directory of loadfi.exe.(Suggest put them into a partition that the real-mode DOS can recognise,FAT16/FAT32 etc.)

Reboot to real-mode DOS(NEEDED WIN98 bootdisk).

DON'T Power up the modem/router , USE the cable Connect LPT to the 6-pin interface.

Power up the modem/router, run the loadfi.exe, press "1" to write the teimage.bin into flashrom.

P.S : IF the loadfi print a message "Cable1: No Connection",

      For this:

      1. You maybe have to reverse the 6-pin order of cable.

      2. Maybe there is a 2-pin interface have to be short.

      3. Check the cable was correctly made.