Handle for recovery of firmware
for DLink Parks DSLink Dynalink and compatible
By Murilo Rebelo Bridges


Blog would like to contribute with the translation of a Chinese translation of one, on the recovery of modems that had stopped to function with firmware wrong.

I do not know if the email to send is this, and also I ask for that they see if has some problem with the laws of Brazil, I I only made to translate and to organize, will have any problem can deletar, only tried to help....

Waiting some return,
Murilo Bridges

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The topical "Handle for recovery of firmware for DLink Parks DSLink Dynalink and compatible" of Mr. Murilo Rebelo Bridges was very important for me, therefore it helped me to recoup my D-Link DSL-500g.

I would like, if possivel, that the following information were added to the topic to facilitate, still more, the update who will have problems:

1) program LOADFI.EXE must be executed in Of the PURE one, or either, it not fuciona correctly in prompt of command of Windows XP; or either, the creation of a floppy of boot of the MSDOS will be necessary

2) the parallel door has that this configured in the way standard (SPP); if it will be configured for EPP or ECP or EPP+ECP will not be possible to obtain communication with the modem

3) For the modem D-Link DSL-500g bolt 1 is of the opposing side to the one of leds

4) it will be necessary to have access the archives saw CD-ROM, the record of boot of the MSDOS must contain the following information


It is necessary that the archives are possessed mscdex.exe and gscdrom.sys
(this last one is to driver for access to the CD-ROM, if driver of its CD-ROM will be another one, the name must be substituted).

Nildo Fernandes Silva

It functions with practically all modems ADSL with chipset Globespan Virata
that it has eeprom of the Serial Atmel DataFlash (AT45DB081x, AT45DB161x, AT45DB321x)

List of compatible:

  1. d-link 502g and 500g
  2. parks altavia
  3. dynalink rta 100+ and 100
  4. ds-link
  5. solwise 110 and 130
  6. to netgear dm602
  7. castlenet ar502
  8. bt to voyager 205
  9. e varios others...

We go to revise the pinagem in the parallel door

of the 18 to the 25 ground is everything...

To weld in the parallel

You go you need a wire of 7 conductors
e of an electrical resistance 100ohm(com watt power 1/4)

Parallel description Parallel Parallel color
D5==chip select 4 blue clearly
D4==serial clock 5 blue dark
D3==serial input 6 yellow
D2==reset 7 black color
~S7==100ohm==serial output 11 red
gnd25==Ground 18 iron

It compares the tip of its handle that this to see if was equal

it gives attention where it is for botar the electrical resistance

what it appears in the photo is a model SMD, what vende here in Brazil
generally they are gordinhos and with colorful lists that indicate the value

To adapt in connector of compact disc-rom/usb/led for incases in the modem

Now it has if to make a connector of 6 bolts
you can use connectors of led of old cabinets,
internal connectors of usb or the handles of audio of CD-ROM

Modem color Modem Modem description
blue dark 1 serial clock==D4
red 2 serial output==100ohm==~s7
blue clearly 3 chip select==D5
black color 4 reset==D2
yellow 5 serial input==D3
iron 6 Ground==gn25

The modem side had been thus

This is mine dlink 502g (that to ask for with one firmware wrong - dlink vende products
different with the same name in paises different: 502g American does not have nothing to have with 502g Brazilian),
I manufactured the connector with a handle of audio of CD-ROM of 4pinos
together with a connector of led of 2pinos

Now with plug of 6pinos industrial, one remembers that any bad contact in the bolts, leaves the program of update in infinite Loop turning in the screen

During the flash, the modem is on in the taking, and with serial handle, and without handle of net or usb (after all without firmware as it could function; -)

To directly bring up to date firmware in the serial memory flash of the ATMEL

If you it will have made all right....
with the modem it are of the taking, pluge the handle that we made, and binds it in the taking.
Now it catches program LOADFI.EXE and the TEImage.bin archive and small boat in one
same folder (I will choose one teimage.bin that you know that functions, senão you you can
to leave all until finding one that functions, now that you have the handle recovery)
Then it goes in initiating and it types "cmd" (nt/2000/xp/2003 will be windows)
or "command" will be (windows 95/98/98se/me)
to facilitate to small boat everything loadfi.exe and teimage.bin in the c: \
ai in the black screen of the console can, goes needs to make: c:
compact disc \
it goes appears the screen below:

it presses "1", the program starts brings up to date it the flash with new firmware
the majority of the times in the end of the one error in it I finish quadradinho, but
you can ignore without problem, then now you to take off the modem of the taking,
to take off the recovery handle, closes this black screen of the program,
e now boot the handle and to make as if had bought a new modem,
it all goes to configure as to want......

In case of the update to fail, verifies cabo(qualquer bad contact, test strange errors)
it is normal also that some leds or the door usb leaves of functions if firmware (teimage.bin)
one will not be of the official assembly plant of its modem

It remembers that error in it to be given finishes X or in the verification of firmware(entre other things that loadfi.exe can make) can be ignored com.segurança
To bind the handle of recovery with the bolts inverted does not damage nada(pelo less here not), the majority of the Chips has protection against static energy