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Every day thousands, often tens of thousands of people visit Many come for the free information and resources, or to get answers, tech help. Many come looking for software, others for my various original media, images, music and more. It's an eclectic bunch!

But all visitors are discerning folks. They know that I don't link to anyone unless I can personally recommend a site. If you run such a site, we might be able to help each other out..

You get to help support all the fine free work I do, and I send people (and PR!) your way. A win-win!

For a small yearly fee, I will insert your company's link into every single page at (save for a few minor pages with no footer). If your business is really special, this fee can also be paid monthly, if you prefer.

Spaces are limited, because space is limited. Once the places are gone, they are gone.

Dodgy, spammy and otherwise disreputable internet companies need not apply. Preference will be given to organisations which give back to the community. What goes around …

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